Brian Irwin

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Brian Irwin

My experience on the course

I found the MSc to be a valuable experience for engaging with technology enhanced learning in a scholarly way. It helped me to build my knowledge around the literature and gain more confidence with scholarly writing and research. The way the course was structured was perfect for me, with some flexibility but a structured pathway you followed with a cohort. The other students on the course were great for discussing issues, challenging each other’s viewpoints and providing a lot of much needed support. I also found the tutors to be quite flexible and open to changing things to make the course work better.

What I'm doing now

I’m really doing the same role as I was in by the end of the MSc, though with a new title. I’m the Head of Digital Capability (essentially the head of e-learning) at Sheffield Hallam University.


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IRWIN, B. and BOULTON, H. (2010). Analysing the development of professional identity in blogging discourse. In: RUST, C., (ed.) Improving student learning: for the twenty-first century learner. Proceedings of the 17th improving student learning symposium. Oxford, The Oxford Centre for Staff and Learning Development, 22-32. [Conference Proceedings]