Howard Campbell

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Howard Campbell

My experience on the course

The attainment of the award of Master of Science in Digital Education from the University of Edinburgh has proved beneficial personally and professionally.On the personal level, there is a sense of accomplishment at having completed an innovative programme of studies at a world renowned university. Professionally, my colleagues, employer, and other interested parties firstly are curious about the nature and substance of the programme, then secondly, in awe as the details are shared. I have been adequately equipped with the mind set, tool sets and most of the skill sets required to lead changes in my organisation as it establishes a digital learning hub geared at providing access to learning via modalities that support "any time, any place, and any pace". On 1st May 2016, I commenced a new role with the Caribbean's premier examination board. This new role, as head of the Syllabus and Curriculum Development Division, will directly draw on the knowledge and insights gained through my participation in a range of courses, both core and electives. Of interest was the many questions asked of the MSc Digital Education programme during the recruitment process; it was in fact the star. From the tiny island of Jamaica I was able to fully engage with the programme via a range of synchronous and asynchronous tools; now, armed with my award (Master of Science in Digital Education), I am equipped, prepared and ready to positively impact the region and the world.

What I'm doing now

Conceptualising, developing and publishing innovative curriculum support products for use in Caribbean classrooms