Kelly Terrell

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Kelly Terrell

My experience on the course

Undertaking this course was incredibly important for my personal development after working in academia for a number of years where I had a technical background but found limited opportunity to contribute in a learning and teaching context.  A change in role combined with the MSc in Digital Education has allowed me to develop both my skills and self-confidence that has already had a positive impact on professional opportunities available to me.    

I was so pleased to be accepted on this course and without a doubt it has proved to be the most engaging enjoyable course I have participated in.  The excellent modules, lecturers involved and variety of learning opportunities really has re-invigorated my passion for digital education technologies.

What I'm doing now

I am responsible for the open education strategy for EPrints - the open source, open content digital repository platform created by the University of Southampton.  For my MSc dissertation I undertook a scoping study into the discoverability strategies of open education resources (OERs) and this work is now feeding in to our strategy for the future development.  I am also sharing this work with the education community at relevant conferences.