Louise Connelly

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Louise Connelly

My experience on the course


The course was a great way to meet others interested in the subject, experiment with different online spaces, and consider digital education from different perspectives. Sometimes, it was challenging and pushed me out of my comfort zone, such as playing World of Warcraft. However, this was an excellent experience and enabled me to reflect on failure, play, and learning. I thoroughly enjoyed being on the programme – fantastic experience!

What I'm doing now

I’m now an E-Learning Developer. I support a range of online postgraduate programmes and MOOCs and I continue to have interesting conversations with colleagues about digital education.


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Connelly, L., & Osborne, N. (2016). Student identities in transition: social media experiences, curation and implications for Higher Education. In Sheffield Hallam University - SocMedHE Blog: SocMedHE15 Proceedings.


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