Mark Dransfield

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Mark Dransfield

My experience on the course

At the time I studied I was in a position where I was very comfortable with a range of learning technologies. The course helped me to consolidate some of my thinking with regards the appropriate use of technology for learning and teaching. It introduced me to a range of emerging tools such as Second Life and enabled me to develop my own critical stance on how useful and appropriate I thought these technologies were. I was then able to apply my thinking in my job and to my future roles. I enjoyed the way that the course modelled the effective facilitation of technology enhanced learning. I could identify in the way the course was structured, the online learning theories that I had been introduced to. It was almost as though the actual experience of being a distance learning student was a learning activity in itself. The scholarship of the tutors was exceptional. It was great to be able to read their research papers and see them applied in the real/virtual world. Overall, I found the course to be an enriching and rewarding experience which has contributed in no small way to my career progression.

What I'm doing now

I graduated from the MSc in 2012 and since then have moved into an academic role in a Business School in York. My pedagogic research has explored the use of Open Badges and I am writing a cross-disciplinary collaborative paper with some colleagues who have also used OBs in their teaching. Since graduating I have also become a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and presented at a few conferences. At the moment I am one year into a professional doctorate at the University of Huddersfield where my research topic will be related to ‘inspirational teaching’ and will no doubt explore aspects of inspirational online pedagogies. I am hoping to move into the area of academic staff development in the future and to develop my pedagogic research activities.