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Phil Devine

My experience on the course

Having come from a creative (design) professional and academic background in which transformation of human experience was and is very much core to everyday practice, it was critical for me to begin to understand how digital can transform experience culturally, individually and institutionally. My time spent with the MSc Digital Education team provided me with a valuable 'critical and analytical' tool-set to do just that - to further progress, unpack, research and understand my own practice in higher education with relation to digital.

What I'm doing now

After completing MSc Digital Education at Edinburgh University I moved from the University of Cumbria to Keele University. I spent two happy years at Keele (my primary concern being the introduction of Lecture Capture) before moving to Lancaster University where I now work as a 'Digital Learning Facilitator'.  My ongoing work is concerned with the 'qualities of digital' (those we already know and those we are yet to find) and in what manner those qualities impact and transform the learning experience. 


Interconnected Motions; Agency of Information in Culture & Learning (Virtual Mythology); Journal of Academic Development and Education (J.A.D.E); Keele University, August 2017.


Visual Grammar Towards Virtual Behavioural Pathways (networked learning); Journal of Academic Development and Education (J.A.D.E); Keele University; January 2017. 


Locating The Babel Fish; In search of ubiquity within the agency of the 21st Century teacher; Journal of Academic Development and Education (J.A.D.E); Keele University; August 2016. 


Virtual Pedagogy towards  ‘M’ Learning; Through the Looking Glass; 2006; University of Central Lancashire (UCLAN).