The MSc programme consists of three core courses and a range of options. You can choose to complete the whole MSc or exit with a Postgraduate Certificate (two courses) or Postgraduate Diploma (five courses). View the timetable for course delivery here.

Core courses

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An introduction to digital environments for learning

Build a strong foundation for your studies and become familiar with the programme team and our teaching methods.
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Design and complete a programme of independent research in an area which is relevant to your own professional and academic interests, supported by your personal supervisor.
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Research methods

Build your knowledge of approaches to research in digital education, and plan your dissertation project.

Option Courses

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Assessment, learning and digital education

Explore the purposes and guiding principles of assessment, examining present practice and its digital futures.
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Course design for digital environments

Consider the philosophical and ideological influences on learning design alongside the practical aspects of designing an online course.
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Digital education in global context

Examine the sociological and political aspects of online education, and its potential for helping learners negotiate the shifting landscape of the digital.
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Digital education: strategy and policy

Look in-depth at the policy context of digital education and apply your knowledge to your own organisation.
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Digital futures for learning

Understand the trajectory of our digital education future and build your own vision of how this might be shaped.
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Education and digital culture

Understand the emergence of digital culture, looking at how it interfaces with learning cultures, popular culture, and ideas of virtual community.
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Introduction to digital game-based learning

Learn how to apply digital games, narrative and role play in educational settings.
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Learning analytics: process and theory

Learn about an emerging challenging field in educational research and practice, and develop your own proposal for applying learning analytics to an educational setting.
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The digital student experience

Explore what it means to be a student online, and what that means for the work of educators.
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Understanding learning in the online environment

Build your knowledge of the various theories that help us understand how people learn, form personal understandings and construct knowledge.
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Wider themes in digital education

Create a dynamic portfolio by defining your own learning activities through our innovative ‘wider themes’ approach.